ACESULFAME K | A calorie-free sugar substitute; used along with Aspartame

AMMONIUM BICARBONATE | Raising agent for flat baked goods, such as cookies and crackers

ASCORBIC ACID | Vitamin C; anti-oxidant food additive

ASPARTAME  | Artificial sweetener used as a sugar substitute; used along with Acesulfame K

BAKING POWDER | Double-acting leavening agent

CALCIUM CHLORIDE | Used in brine solutions

CALCIUM PROPIONATE | Preservative added to bread and baked goods to prevent bacterial and mould growth

CITRIC ACID | Flavouring and preservative in food and beverages; pH adjusting agent

COCOA POWDER (CARGILL) | Chocolate powder

CORNSTARCH (CARGILL) | Thickening agent; anti-caking agent

CORNSYRUP 43% | Thickener, sweetener; humectants

CORNSYRUP 63% | Sweetener; used in beverages, processed foods and baked goods

CORNSYRUP HFCS | Sugar replacement; used in beverages, processed foods and baked goods, humectants for baked goods

EDTA (VERSENE ) | Protects beverages against metal-catalyzed reactions that cause product spoilage and rancidity, discolouration, off-flavour or odour

ETHYL VANILLIN | Flavoring agent and spice

FRUIT DRINK STABILZER | Used in beverages to prevent separation of particles and enhance thickness

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 35% | Water treatment; bleaching agent; disinfectant

MALIC ACID | To provide tartness or sour taste to beverages and confectionery

MALTODEXTRIN | Thickener; filler; binding agent


MINERAL OIL 35 | High viscosity mineral oil used in food processing

MINERAL OIL 9 | Low viscosity mineral oil used in food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

MONOPROPYLENE GLYCOL | Coolant and anti-freeze; solvent for food colourings and flavourings; humectant

PHOSPHORIC ACID | Rust removal; used to acidify foods and beverages

POTASSIUM SORBATE  | Preservative (mold and yeast inhibitor); wine stabilizer

SODIUM ACID PYROPHOSPHATE | Buffering and chelating agent in canned and processed seafood; acid source for reaction with baking soda to leaven baked goods

SODIUM BENZOATE | Food preservative

SODIUM BICARBONATE (BAKING SODA) | Used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & cleaning products

SODIUM METABISULPHITE | Used as a disinfectant, antioxidant and preservative agent (e.g. in wine)

SODIUM PROPIONATE | Food preservative; used primarily as a mold inhibitor in bakery products

SORBITOL | Sweetener; humectant; thickener

SOYA LECITHIN | Natural emulsifier

SUPER SWEETENER BLEND | Used as a sugar substitute or along with sugar to cut manufacturing costs

SWEET WHEY POWDER | Flour conditioner; milk substitute in baking recipes that require milk

TARTARIC ACID | Added to foods and beverages to give a sour taste; antioxidant

TRISODIUM CITRATE | Flavouring agent; preservative

VANILLIN | Flavouring; fragrance

ACETONE | Solvent; used in cleaning agents (e.g. Nail polish remover, glass cleaners)

ACL 60 (DCCA) | Used in disinfectants, germicides and algicides; used to make cleaners and sanitizers

AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE 28% | Antimicrobial agent; used to clean, bleach, and deodorize

BLUE BLEND 151 Dye | Used to colour fabric softener

BORAX | Used in household laundry and cleaning products and in insect baits and killers

BUTYL GLYCOL ETHER | Solvent in paints and surface coatings, cleaning products and inks

CAUSTIC SODA | Used in soap manufacturing; cleaning agent; used in septic systems

CELLOSIZE | Help contribute desired body in paints, household products, and cosmetics

CHEMOCRYL SA030 | Paint resin

CHLORINE GAS | Used in manufacture of chlorine bleach, water treatment and disinfection

COCOAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE 36% | Foam booster; medium strength surfactant; emulsifier and thickener

COCONUT DIETHANOLAMIDE | Foaming agent in shampoos and other liquid soaps; emulsifying agent

COLADET | Pearlising agent

DLP-211 | Used in building materials; provides impact resistance to help reduce the formation of cracks

DUAL QUAT | Disinfectant; cleaning agent

SODIUM XYLENE SULPHONATE | Hydrotope; used in soaps, detergents and cleaners

EMPIGEN BAC 80 | Disinfectant; cleaning agent

FLOOR POLISH 10% (CLEAR / RED) | Shines and protects flooring

HYDROCHLORIC ACID | Descaling; pool acid; pH control

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL | Solvent; rubbing alcohol; sanitizing agent

METHOCEL 100525 | Thickener, binder, film-former; for water retention

NP 7 | Surfactant

NP 9 | Surfactant

PASTREX 75 | Concentrated neutral detergent, including preservative

PASTREX RLD | Concentrated soap base (including preservative) for manufacturing specialties for mild personal care with minimum irritability level

PASTREX SH | Concentrated soap base specially recommended for shampoos, bath gels and hand liquid soaps

PC-SILICONE (DIMETHICONE) | Silicone based; defoaming agent

PINE OIL | Essential oil; naturally deodorizing and antibacterial

REXQUAT PCS | Fabric softener base; also used to manufacture hair conditioner

SODIUM LAURYL ETHER SULFATE (SLES 70%) | High foaming surfactant; used in detergents, cleaners and shampoos

SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (SLS 30%) | Surfactant; used in cleaning and hygiene products; creates lather

SODA ASH LIGHT | Water softener in laundering; neutralizes acid

SODIUM METASILICATE | Used in detergents; counteracts acidic contamination

SODIUM SULPHATE | Used in manufacturing detergents

STEARIC ACID | Used to change the consistency or melting temperature of a product, as a lubricant, or to prevent oxidation (e.g. Used in lotion)

SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE | Water softener in detergents

SULPHONIC ACID | Used in detergents to reduce the formation of scum

TALL OIL | Alternative to tallow fatty acids for production of soaps and lubricants

TC-CARBOMER | Strong moisturizing ability; high-efficient & lowdosage thickener and suspending agent

TETRASODIUM EDTA (TRILON B) | Chelating agent; decreases the reactivity of metal ions that may be present in a product

TITANIUM DIOXIDE | White pigment; also used as an opacifier

TETRA POTASSIUM PYROPHOSPHATE | Surface treatment, paint and coatings, boiler descaling, detergent manufacturing

TOMAMINE ACID THICKENER | Cationic surfactant designed to thicken a variety of acids

TRICLOSAN (IRGASSAN) | Antibacterial agent

TRIETHANOLAMINE |  pH balancer in many different cosmetic products

TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE | Good agent for cleaning everything from laundry to concrete driveways

WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY | For cosmetics and pharmaceutical use