Annual Children's TreatCorporate Citizenship

At Paramount Trading, we value the commitment of our team members and we are equally committed to aiding in their growth and development within the organization.  We believe that this is important for nation-building as these team members will be able to provide for their families and by extension, prepare the future generations to contribute to the success of Jamaica on the whole.

We take our role in society seriously and as such, we assist in the work of a number of charitable organizations.  Paramount Trading is also the proud host of the annual Children’s Treat for children in Waltham Park and neighbouring communities; held every December since 2002.   In order to achieve this each year, we depend on the strong capabilities of not only our team members, but also a generous industry that has supported us throughout the years with sponsorship.

Environmental Safety and Awareness

Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Limited is committed to operating our  business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We believe that this mode of operation is vital for the protection of our team members, the communities in which our business is located and our partners locally and abroad.

We achieve these objectives through continuous training of all team members throughout the course of their employment, as well as placing emphasis on product safety knowledge. This policy is communicated to all team members and other representatives of Paramount Trading. We will continue to support our customers, through working with our partners, to identify and provide environmentally friendly and sustainable means of production.

Our detailed corporate social responsibility policy can be reviewed here.